Sunday, September 16, 2007

Article template standardization

Well, for a while now, there have been grumblings about standardizing article tags (such as {{unreferenced}}, {{POV}}, {{current}}, {{afd}}, and the many other tags that grace our articles), but they all had been grumblings so far...

A couple of days ago, though, these grumblings were implemented. They look pretty cool, by the way. Have a look at them here:

Of course, like in every project of this magnitude, my First Law of Wikipedia has already proven itself true, but well, that was to be expected. Anyways, as usual, comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome, even though I didn't actually do anything in this proposal. ;)



Michał Połtyn said...

When I saw that standarisation project I didn't think much. Instantly I copied {{Ambox}} for Polish Wikipedia and start working with two "templaters" on it. As of now, there were no problems with users, what was pretty weird, because I didn't even said about this in our village pump. It seems that people like it. ;) I don't know who started this project, but I really want to say "thank you" to them. So... Thank you very, very much.


Torbjørn said...

I'm running a wiki on our company intranet - it's a MediaWiki 1.9.3 installation. I noticed the nice ambox template on WikiPedia, and wanted to use it, so I tried to copy the design. I soon realized I needed the ParserFunctions extensions, so I installed them, but I still can't get the ambox to work. Basically the table cell tags for the image are displayed as plain text, like this <td class="ambox-image"></td>, with the actual image in the middle.

Help, please!?!

Titoxd said...

Well, it is kind of hard to help you out, without any contact info, but you may want to look at the HTML whitelist within MediaWiki. If you can use <div> tags at all, then it should work, for the most part.