Sunday, September 16, 2007

Article template standardization

Well, for a while now, there have been grumblings about standardizing article tags (such as {{unreferenced}}, {{POV}}, {{current}}, {{afd}}, and the many other tags that grace our articles), but they all had been grumblings so far...

A couple of days ago, though, these grumblings were implemented. They look pretty cool, by the way. Have a look at them here:

Of course, like in every project of this magnitude, my First Law of Wikipedia has already proven itself true, but well, that was to be expected. Anyways, as usual, comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome, even though I didn't actually do anything in this proposal. ;)


Saturday, September 8, 2007

NCDC links to us, w00t!

Well, for the last few hurricane seasons, the National Climatic Data Center has been linking to the Wikipedia articles about the Atlantic hurricane seasons. Not only that, but they've been also using some of our in-house track map output. Just compare these links:

Cool, huh? :)