Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes interesting stuff happens

IMG_9182, originally uploaded by Titoxd.

I've worked on many current-event articles in Wikipedia; however, I cannot remember when a current event happened close enough to me to actually be able to observe it unfold in real time. That happened on Tuesday when the Town Lake west dam collapsed; while I was not on campus at the time, I did track it as soon as news broke on wiki (although to be honest, I reverted the initial reports since nobody in the traditional media had reported it online at the time).

I went to the lake to take pictures of the rupture's aftermath, and I've posted all of them on Flickr. I also posted one in the Wikimedia Commons, and to my delight it has been used by other people in the online community. :) So it feels rather different to be "reporting" on news than to be searching for photographs or articles in the news...