Friday, March 23, 2007

And for some big news....

Tito's note: This is the third in a series of articles about the Version 1.0 Editorial Team in the English Wikipedia.

Let's say that we have some big news...

A static release of Wikipedia is now a reality. :)

Copying the words of Martin Walker, the WP:1.0 coordinator for Version 0.5:

Assuming there are no last minute hitches, the
Wikipedia:Version 0.5 CD should be going on sale on March 26 at for around 10 Euros/$US13-14 (a portion goes to the Foundation). It will also be made available for free download. It consists of 1964 articles and a set of navigation pages, with an open source (GPL) search engine, Kiwix, developed by Linterweb. We now have an ongoing collaboration with Wikimedia France, and User:Kelson wrote many of the scripts for Version 0.5. This CD will make a great birthday present for your loved one! Walkerma 05:54, 22 March 2007 (UTC)

Remember that this is a *test* release. Please check it out, have a look at it, and give us feedback about it.

By the way, all of the articles included in Version 0.5 will be available in Version 0.7, which is being prepared right now. So come join the Version 1.0 Editorial Team to help out!



David Gerard said...


Dan said...

I know it's not finished yet, but the website leaves a great deal to be desired in its current form.

* It uses the Wikipedia name and logo without any statements / notices / disclaimers regarding its trademark / copyright status, or disclosing whether this project is an official project of the Wikimedia Foundation, a separate project with permission of the Foundation, or being done without permission, or whatever, or disclosing just who is responsible for it if not the Foundation.

* The page titles are vague and inconsistent; one page says "" and another "", where neither is the actual address of the site. More descriptive page titles showing the name of the site and of the specific page within it would be desirable.

* Is this being produced as a commercial project? If not, the use of a .com domain for it wouldn't make sense.

* You use HTML code like "<a href="download.html" class="bot_down"></a>", with no content within the anchor, relying on CSS trickery to have an actual link button (using a background graphic, with no alternative text content). This won't be functional for all users in all contexts, as it fails to gracefully degrade if CSS or images aren't used.

SJ said...

Great to see it coming to fruition! On to 1.0 ....